Services Offered

Brightstar Consulting wants to be your IT department.

Although many companies probably don't have a full-time IT staff, unless their computers are doing the most basic of tasks, it is likely that sometime during the life of those computers the expertise of a computer professional will be needed. Hopefully that professional is needed on a proactive basis, to add new capabilities, or to expand the existing network. All too often however, those computer professionals are needed in a reactive capacity, such as repairing the damage done by a new virus, or replacing a hard drive that has gone bad, and attempting to recover the business-critical data on that drive.

Whatever your needs, Brightstar Consulting can meet them. We provide services ranging from the installation of a first network and computers to ongoing support and maintenance of existing computers and networks. We have extensive experience in upgrading and modifying existing installations, whether your company simply needs to expand, or you want to do something new.

In addition to our computer and network offerings we are now offering web development services. We're not going to turn you into another eBay, but if you want a website to get your message out to your customers and business partners we can provide it for you. Whether you need to create an entirely new website, or just want to modify an existing one, let us know your needs and we'll meet them.

We'll sit down with you and learn what you want to do, and what your computers are doing for you now. Then we'll craft a plan that will get you from here to there. Our goal is to find the combination of hardware, software and services that best fits your needs and how you operate.

We make the computer work for you, rather than you working for the computer.

If you already have an IT department there are still many services we can offer. For instance, there might be a large network migration that you want to undertake, but that you don't have the in-house experience or expertise to yourselves. We can step in, and working with your existing IT personnel provide services ranging anywhere from high-level planning and guidance, to project management, to providing complete outsourced services for your project. Another area where we might be able to help is if you simply need more people than you currently have during a period of time, perhaps to complete or project, or to supplement your help desk staff during an expected surge in usage.